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Teardown Lab - Belkin FM Music Streamer Handsfree
Ok fine, I am plainly obsessed with Bluetooth hands-free solutions right now, so sue me!

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Andrew Armstrong

LG LAS260B Soundbar Unboxing and Review
This turned out to be a great audio device, I really enjoy using it!
Works great on all its inputs especially optical and integrates with the TV remote control so you do not really need to do anything!
Available on..
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Regarding the green screen effect, this is more of an after thought! I do know how to use one - really I do! But I thought it would be more interesting to see if I could apply the effect to a really badly lit screen. It is pretty difficult and you should just reshoot if its something important. This is about as good as I could get using the basic chroma keyer and changing the green saturation in the pipeline. I think it is good enough for this vid!

BTW The sound bar works really well. Very pleased with it!