Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Laptop Battery Pack
Lets peek inside a laptop battery, I reckon if we really wanted to, we could service these!

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Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Casio CP-10 calculator repair
Can I save the life of this #retro calculator by creating a new battery pack for it?
These are great and relatively cheap on eBay and at car boot sales, have a look next time you are out for some!

Andrew Armstrong

How to fail to install a new iPhone battery (or how to get into an iPhone)
I will show you how to open and then process to NOT change the battery in an apple iPhone!

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Andrew Armstrong

Somehow the gremlins got into our Dustbuster type handheld vacuum. It is very mysterious as it is very broken yet was replaced onto the charging cradle..... hmmm.

Anyways, I attempt to repair it by cracking it apart and poking around its innards!

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