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Teardown Lab - Blood Tester DRM
Component of the day - I take a closer look at the blood tester chip and potential for hacking the blood test unit!

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Andrew Armstrong

Easylife GCHB Blood Tester Review and Test!
I decide to confirm if my previously massively high blood glucose reading was accurate, will I survive? :)
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Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Am I diabetic!!! Omron Blood Glucose Monitor
Here I was playing with a bit of medical equipment and I find out I may have diabetes! That is always the risk!
I read up on the subject just a little:

So apparently your bloody is sweet and lovely and full of sugar (in the form of Glucose), to keep this in check your body produces insulin to metabolise it. If you cannot produce enough insulin, or your organs are not efficient at using the levels you do produce you need to inject more into yourself. People use these to make sure their levels are stable.

I have a sneaky suspicion that my glucose levels may have been higher despite the 8 hour fast because I had completed a bootcamp workout earlier in the morning on just a few sips of water.

Now I understand that using old test strips are a BIG no no! Clearly my after eating results should have been a lot higher than the before figure. So I am reasonably confident that I am not a diabetic, however, there is no harm in getting checked out, and I will be making an appointment soon.

That being said, if you want to buy your own and do the test, they are pretty cheap and you have lots to choose from on Amazon and they can do more than just glucose:

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However, if you have any doubts or you are showing any symptoms, why not go ask your doctor for the once over?