Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - DEAD USB on Raspberry Pi FIX!
Why did USB stop working on this thing? No worries, I fixed it!

You can pic up your own Raspberry Pi on the web, if you use Amazon here are a few links:

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Thanks you lovely people!

Andrew Armstrong

GoTEK Atari Floppy Emulator Sound Mod and Test
I added in a hardware hack to get some disk sounds and test the Atari Floppy emulator! #retrogaming

Available on Amazon UK:
or Amazon USA:

Aftermarket firmware available at:

Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Pringles Can Microphone
What is inside a Pringles Can Microphone? Actually, good stuff!

I have put together Teardown Lab because I cannot bear to throw away useless junk but I can give it one last hoorah in usefulness by sharing what is inside and possibly figuring out how it works!
Please feel free to ping me with suggestions or if you want to send me something to dismantle (or try to repair!) for the channel! Don't be a stranger, please click here for updates:

Andrew Armstrong

Rainbow LED GU10 to BC Conversion Tutorial
I show you how to adapt a GU10 LED lamp into a Bayonet fitting!

I got this in ASDA for a tenner, but there are cheaper sources:

eBay 4 for a tenner!

Amazon: £2.50 a pop!!

Please watch: "PC Motherboard Swap Tips"
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Andrew Armstrong

PC Motherboard Hardware Hacking and PSU wire modification Tutorial - LP
Here I take the unusual step of replacing some damaged motherboard components and modify a new PC PSU to fit my case. Soldering and wire splicing skills used as well as some surface mount hot air.

My new PC is eating through PSU and will soon need a 1kw.

Just for comparison, the same 5 minute video on my old PC was taking 1:48 to render (That is 1 HOUR and 48 MINUTES!) on the new one it takes 8 minutes! Twitter:

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