Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Belkin FM Music Streamer Handsfree
Ok fine, I am plainly obsessed with Bluetooth hands-free solutions right now, so sue me!

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Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Ultimate Chrysler Jeep Bluetooth Radio Hack
Want to make your own Bluetooth hands-free interface? you can, its easy. Don't waste money on expensive kits, just build your own!
As you can see this is for a radio that did not even support a wired Aux connection, using the same technique you can add a wired or BT audio hookup to any radio with an optical drive.
Look for the MBC05-CAR-AT module and you can make as many as you like!




Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - GROM BT3 Retrofit Car bluetooth Kit
This really is a nice kit, but actually turned out to be an expensive disappointment to me. Still, that is another story for another day!
Considering this is a technical product the level of technical support is pretty glib, more boiler-room than engineers, so do watch out.
Be warned, although the Chrysler connector looks the same, they re-tasked it in later models for totally different functions, so really check the model guide.
Amazon have these for various models: