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Teardown Lab - DEAD USB on Raspberry Pi FIX!
Why did USB stop working on this thing? No worries, I fixed it!

You can pic up your own Raspberry Pi on the web, if you use Amazon here are a few links:

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Thanks you lovely people!

Andrew Armstrong

Teardown Lab - Raspberry Pi Zero
Wow, when I got a mysterious unmarked envelope I was rather pleased to find a Pi Zero in it!
Seems to offer a lot of the same functionality in a reduced pre-fitted IO configuration. Just make sure you study your use case before buying as you may spend more on peripherals than simply buying a Pi3 in the first place.

You can get these right now on Amazon:

Andrew Armstrong

Why you NEED a HDMI to VGA Adaptor for Raspberry Pi
Need to shove your Pi into a VGA monitor? No sweat, for a few quid you can do it easily!
I need this for my Retro Arcade projects, so glad it is a better option than GPIO bit bashing! Raspberry pi vga time!

Plenty of options on Amazon:

Andrew Armstrong

Arcade Cab Power Sequencer Build Part 1
I start my build on this crazy useful Arcade Cabinet. Great protection, great effect!
Arcade cabinets are a work of art, older ones even more so, those electronics and CRTs need looking after. Nothing worse than a bunch of them turning on all at once and nothing worst than having to turn them on one at a time. The solution is here! The Boobie Board Arcade Power Sequencer will solve these woes and be scalable from one cab upto as many as you need - because you can daisy chain units together.

Good fun to build this, I will be posting details for the firmware and hardware when I conclude the build, but in the mean time get in contact with me if you are interested in this setup!

Andrew Armstrong

Raspberry Pi 3 Monitor Arcade Upgrade
I show you how to upgrade your existing Raspberry Pi Arcade system to the latest version!
I prefer to use native style controllers and find the SNES style work well for both NES, SNES and Neo Geo games.

I also used similar hardware to make this amazing home-brew retro console and media centre:

Dont forget to check out the earlier Rpi model B stealth arcade video:

There is a whole bunch of people selling the bits on Amazon and their associated accessories. I have a ready-made link for you:

Raspberry Pi:

XBOX Controllers:

SNES style USB controllers:

HDMI Adaptor Cables:


Micro SD Card:

For the main software I used RetroPie, you can download this from here:

As for Roms, you will need to search these out for yourself. The legalities are a bit iffy, but generally if you already own the physical game then you should have no problem.

Also many of the MSDOS and Amiga images are abandonware so have a look on abandonware sites such as Home of the Underdogs:

Have fun!

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