FUNANASUN Dual lens dash camera - cheap and easy peace of mind

I have bought a lot of dash cameras over the last few years for myself and family, some complicated, some with WIFI and all sorts of fancy features. I have to say the use case for anyone I know needs to be plug and play and that is exactly what you get with this setup. It just works. No silly features, just useful ones that are easy to setup and operate.

The kit contains everything you need in the box to get going, you really do not need anything, perhaps only an old credit card or spludger if you want to poke the wires behind your headlining and trim. 

The camera is available on Amazon here:

The main unit itself is well finished and importantly, quite light - as it fits over your existing rear-view mirror. At first I was surprised that there was a tint to the glass, but I got used to it very quickly and enjoyed the larger viewing area than my factory unit. this would be a nice upgrade for any car with a small pokey rear view mirror.

The unit itself requires a micro SD card to record the video or still images, so buy one to the manufacturers recommendations, you tend to need a reasonable speed card for dash-cam use and this is not one application where you want to skimp as they record continuously over the card for many cycles and you do not want to discover data loss if you have an accident.

The camera also has an internal battery, this allows it to run for a short while when power is disconnected, important to allow it to shut down gracefully and close any open files on the SD card.

Fitting the camera is easy with the attached rubber mounts, these just lash around your rear view mirror and clip to the camera, its an obvious and simple approach. Power is provided by a mini USB connector terminating in a standard 12v lighter socket. If you have an existing camera fitted it is likely you can use its power feed if it uses the same connector, good for upgrading and old setup.

There is an external AV input into the unit and this is primarily targeted for the rear view camera. This is a little more fiddly in terms of installation as you need to run a wire to a suitable (possibly external) location on the back of the vehicle. The camera itself is self-illuminated and weatherproof. I would advise hooking the wires up temporarily so you can test the best location. There is a red-wire at the camera end, this is hooked up to your reversing lamp. As far as I can tell this powers up the camera which in turn switches the display to reverse mode.

The interface is super simple, modes really only vary from video record, still record and playback. There is an option to capture or mute sound during recordings. Like most dash cameras recordings are chopped into little chunks, here it is around 3 minutes. The SD card is a little inaccessible once fitted but its easy to feel for it to pop it out if you need to take the recording to a PC.

All in all a nice little setup - By the way this model has no GPS, which is certainly a nice to have but for the money takes reasonable video and provides peace of mind at a very reasonable budget!


The reversing camera I received in my set was better than the one in the picture and featured illumination, YMMV but I think its a nice undocumented upgrade.

I saw a few negative comments about this camera, but having owned many of these in my time I have to say for the price it really is a good piece of kit. As with all dash cameras you need to make sure you have an adequately fast and error free micro SD card. Unfortunately in my experience micro SD cards tend to have a high failure rate in general operation so check them in a suitable PC as an initial diagnostic step.