WOW, its been ages since I last made an update!

I admit it, at times it can be a little overwhelming with work, family, travel, all my projects and various social media pings to keep focused and update my blog, but here I am, finally getting around to it!

It has been an interesting summer so far, with a lot of things on the go, however, I am going to call it the summer of electronics as I have made not one, not two, but three new boards and a new batch of the RetroNets and ODroid Go DAC Hats are underway!

It seems a good time to introduce my latest gadget, the Ultimate Joystick Interface v2.0! That is double the goodness and fun and allows you to build your own joysticks, flight-sticks, retro interfaces with pinpoint precision and response times!

If you are interested, head on over to: and you will find not only a description, but a downloadable reference to get you going!

Also if you have noticed a slower pace in videos, do not worry, I am not giving up on YouTube, quite the opposite, I have been clearing out The Backoffice to give me more cat swinging room. Although I am not in any position (or want) to fill the space back up with more junk I am still enjoying being able to move around without things falling on me. I was starting to be like one of those hoarders you see on TV, albeit with less old paint pots filled with wee and poo.