Odroid-go Audio DAC v2.0 Now Available!

** EDIT ** We are in back order again, sorry!

** EDIT ** Late September units are shipping soon!

** EDIT ** Please find these excellent youtube resources on how to setup your odroid-go to using external DACs. If you have any problems please join us on the DISCORD channel (details below)

Watch and follow the steps here: https://youtu.be/2LD-BfR9-MI and once you have the new firmware the hat will work.

This demonstrates how to switch to the external DAC from the internal Speaker: https://youtu.be/cKPM9KuZo8E

Want to 3D print an enclosure? - then this will help you https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3110057

Just what you have all been waiting for, another batch of your favourite Odroid-Go Headphone adaptor and headphone jack, but now with NEW AND IMPROVED features!

Not only have you the option of permanently mounting your Odroid-go Audio DAC in two ways, you have the option of securing a 3D printed case (see my discord).

If you like soldering projects you have the audio connections available on the top of the board, perfect for when you want to get your droid to drive an Oscilloscope to play Vectex games (someone PLEASE do this!!)

Head over to the shop to buy yours before they are all gone again! Ping me on twitter when yours arrives as you soak in the amazing high-fidlity sounds of Megaman 2!