Teardown Lab - Coffee Presso

Fancy squeezing out a rich yummy coffee? The you need to watch me an @guessonomics figure this out!
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Thanks you lovely people!

Sending a parcel to bigclive.com

Its a mystery! I wonder if you can guess what is in it :) I doubt he will include it in a video, but you never know. If he does not, I will post a picture of what I sent in a week or so :)

Airport Food Time

Check out this pretzel I got in Germany, its stonking! Ham, cheese and plenty of grease - just what the Dr Ordered! (I am the Dr in this instance :) )


Putting together a BACKOFFICE product for the Shop, meet the Baby Boomer Micro Amplifier! This bad boy packs a punch!

I will be revealing more details in upcoming entries and a video. I am testing out these bad boys in all manner of things!

Huel Experiment

I am having a go at Huel and really getting into it! 

Its very much like porridge so I am more than happy with that. It is pretty good warm and I even tried turning it into a pancake.

All in all so good so far!

Are you into a meal replacement goop yourself?